The Poise Bra Difference

The Poise Bra's revolutionary design and technology offer extraordinary push-up, support, and comfort. With a Poise Bra, you will look and feel your most beautiful and confident. All Poison purchases are guaranteed to delight you with their results.

"Amazing push-up. I never had such an incredible look from any other bra. The Poise Bra really delivers."
- Poise Bra customer

Revolutionary push-up technology (with or without padding) for an unforgettable impression.
When you put on the Poise Bra for the first time, you will immediately see the dramatic effect. Many push-up bras disappoint because they only add padding but lack the necessary support. With its unique extra support and design, the Poise Bra lifts up and in to create the extraordinary effect you are seeking - even without padding! And, for your comfort, the Poise Bra also features 100% cotton cup lining.

Posture-enhancement for flawless, elegant poise.
When you carry yourself with flawless posture, you are at your most confident and beautiful. But today’s world can be hard on a woman. Leaning over a computer and the stresses of daily life can be very harmful to your healthy posture. But what if your bra was your secret ally? The Poise Bra’s revolutionary posture-enhancing support improves poise and helps you stand straighter and taller, creating an effortlessly elegant look.

Smoothing and contouring for a slender, sexy back.
Typical narrow bra bands not only can show through your clothes, but can also cut into your skin. The Poise Bra features a wider, breathable, six-way stretch band that flattens and flatters for a sexier look all around.

Poise Bra Testimonials

“I know you’re wondering: what about cleavage? It happened! Without padding! I should let you know that I have never had cleavage before. I wandered around for the rest of the day feeling like a totally different, very voluptuous person (I’ll admit, it was fun). Poison is now my go-to option for a little more va-va-voom in a V-neck sweater.”

the lingerie lesbian. Read the full review here.

"This bra borders on magical. It’s a little intimidating at first, as it comes with instructions on how to put it on (lean over, clip, scoop, adjust straps), but once you do it successfully you’ll be using this method (or some personalized variation of it) for putting on all of your bras. There’s a sense of structure when everything is held in, and it has a smoothing effect, eliminating any lines you’d normally see across your back caused by a tight bra. I’d highly recommend Poison Lingerie to ladies with small busts who want to kick it up a notch."

that jenesais quoi

"I purchased the Révéler Les Secrets bra and am a huge fan. Not only is it sexy, but it's comfortable and prevents the unwanted"dents" that I would get with my previous bras. It's become my go-to back bra and I will definitely purchase more. I have plenty of other colored bras that need to be replaced with Poison Lingerie."

Mona K

"The bra is gorgeous!! I love it! Seriously this makes me just look full in my own way. Makes me feel beautiful and it's very comfortable. It fit like a glove. What a treat! I see myself buying more in the future."

Jackie A

“So happy i invested in them; i can tell they'll last a lot longer than the ones i normally get. Those may be cheaper, but the quality is not comparable at all.”

Miranda R

"I wore my Poison bra strapless the other day (with a dress), and it didn't move AT ALL. The support was great at all times and I never had to worry about putting it back in place. Also, GREAT cleavage!"

Albane P

"The posture support is awesome. My back used to hurt so much after working at the computer all day. The bra helps me keep good posture and I feel so much better at the end of the day."

Jessica L

"I've never looked so amazing in my little black dress. I got so many compliments. I will always wear your bra when I am looking to impress."

Kat S